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Kickoff – a windows like k-menu

Posted by thio4linux on October 10, 2007

Download this menu and install the .deb package:

sudo dpkg -i kicker-kickoff_1_i386.deb

have fun!!!


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Tasty menu – another k-menu

Posted by thio4linux on October 10, 2007

are you tired of the usual k-menu??? Try Tasty Menu

Download the last version

then : sudo dpkg -i tastymenu*

i think that it will integrate in your system in a good way even if it’s maybe so big for a desktop…

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KBFX: an alternative K-menu

Posted by thio4linux on October 9, 2007

if you want something more than the usually k-menu, kbfx is what you need!

this is only an example of how you can personalize your kbfx. There’s a lot of theme in

you can install kbfx from repository: sudo apt-get install kbfx but the last release is the find here. Before doing that you have to remove the repository version 😉

here you find something useful if you have some problems:
1.) Flash Demo
2.) User’s Guide
3.) Strigi Install Guide

after the installation, add kbfx at your panel like any other applet (right click on the panel -> add applet -> kbfx spinx)

when you have installed kbfx you can change the start button and edit it whatever you want. Create 3 images named normal.jpg, pressed.jpg and hoover.jpg, then with the configure menus of kbfx you have only to link the 3 images.

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