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NIMBUZZ – All your favourite social network on your (smart)phone

Posted by thio4linux on January 9, 2010

Nimbuzz is an application for a lot of pones.

here you can find the list of supported devices.

It allowes you to give free mobile calls, and chat with your buddies of all the most famous social network and chat apps.

nimbuzz image

You can log yourself  in all your social network and beeing on line for chat.

The first thing to do when you have downloaded the application is makin an account on nimbuzz site.

Today the with last version of this apps you can use WindowsLiveMessenger, Skype,  yahoo chat, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM Mobile, MySpace, ICQ, studiVZ/meinVZ, schulerVZ, Gadu-Gadu, Giovani, Hyves, and Twitter.

You can also your nimbuzz account for doing internation calls with a small prize.

It supports also phone call from your apps, like Messenger or Skype calls…

Nimbuzz is also available on OVI STORE for all the nokia’s users.


4 Responses to “NIMBUZZ – All your favourite social network on your (smart)phone”

  1. i like it this toolls chat

  2. thanks for ur articles 🙂

  3. Sbagyo said

    Nimbuzz the best for chat

  4. faresalthahap said


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