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AWN on Gutsy

Posted by thio4linux on October 31, 2007

how i’ve installed AWN on my kubuntu gutsy

fisrt off all edit the sources list:

sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list

and add this lines:

deb gutsy freeverse

then you can install your AWN bar from synaptic (or adept) by installing this 3 packets:

sudo apt-get install awn-core-applets awn-manager avant-window-navigator 

then start your bar: avant-window-navigator 

if you have any problem, launch the dock from shell and look at the error. Probably it must be for some dependences so type: sudo apt-get install -f   for checkin the dependences unsatisfied or install the packets that you haven’t from synaptic…


4 Responses to “AWN on Gutsy”

  1. Ed said

    How do you add Kicker menu to Awn?

  2. thio4linux said

    there’s a lot of applets for AWN dock but only some of them run under KDE… if you’re talkin’ about Kmenu is still a problem because it doesn’t work perfectly on Kubuntu…
    with Gnome you shouldn’t have any problems with the apps of AWN-Manager…

  3. curves79lady said

    I am using Kubuntu Gutsy 86_64 and this does not seem to work, do you any explanation or fix?

  4. Dayle said

    Curves, after adding the source to the sources list, try sudo apt-get update then continue with guide.

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