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NIMBUZZ – All your favourite social network on your (smart)phone

Posted by thio4linux on January 9, 2010

Nimbuzz is an application for a lot of pones.

here you can find the list of supported devices.

It allowes you to give free mobile calls, and chat with your buddies of all the most famous social network and chat apps.

nimbuzz image

You can log yourself  in all your social network and beeing on line for chat.

The first thing to do when you have downloaded the application is makin an account on nimbuzz site.

Today the with last version of this apps you can use WindowsLiveMessenger, Skype,  yahoo chat, Facebook, Google Talk, AIM Mobile, MySpace, ICQ, studiVZ/meinVZ, schulerVZ, Gadu-Gadu, Giovani, Hyves, and Twitter.

You can also your nimbuzz account for doing internation calls with a small prize.

It supports also phone call from your apps, like Messenger or Skype calls…

Nimbuzz is also available on OVI STORE for all the nokia’s users.


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UBUNTU – Azureus + Vuze: have a good torrent!

Posted by thio4linux on January 8, 2010

I’ve tried in this days a new good apps for dowload .torrent files.

Azureus + Vuze is a great combination to find whatever you want on the net!

Azureus is a BitTorrent client (BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file distribution tool).
It offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant
access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents.

Vuze is a multimedia BitTorrent client based on Azureus and intended for DVD and HD video.

In this way you can search what you want in a very simple way…

Installing this 2 apps is so simle. On your ubuntu type:

sudo apt-get install azureus

and this install also vuze on your PC.

In oter way if you want to have the last vuze version you can find it here.

The interface is like this:

vuze interface
vuze interface

in the upper part these the search button, on the left the menu with download, upload, RSS, etc. of your .torrent files.

It’s very simple to use and nice to see… also available for Windows and MacOs system.

Have a Good Torrent!!!

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Amsn 0.97.2 + Antialiasing

Posted by thio4linux on August 13, 2008

August 3, 2008 – the last version of Amsn: 0.97.2

everyone can download and install the last version of amsn from the official site, but when you use for the first time this application you’ll see a program without antialias.

If you want to solve this problem you have to reinstall the right version of tcl and tk libraries and the reinstall amsn 0.97.2.
here you can find the link to download them:
amsn 0.97.2

Now, first of all, you have to remove from your system the tcl and tk libraries installed before; you can do it using Synaptic or typing on your shell:
sudo apt-get remove tcl* tk*

Install of the new version of tcl/tk lib:
unrar the downloaded files and enter in the directory unix, the install it typing:
sudo ./configure && sudo make && sudo make install

Compile Amsn:
enter in the directory of ams: cd amsn-0.97.2
and then install amsn:
./configure –prefix=/usr –with-tcl=/usr/local/lib –with-tk=/usr/local/lib
sudo make && sudo make install

If yuo have this error: /usr/local/bin/amsn: line 3: exec: wish: not found type:
sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/wish8.5 /usr/local/bin/wish

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D-Link DSL-624T con ubuntu

Posted by thio4linux on March 17, 2008

Guida all’installazione e utilizzo del modem router wireless D-Link DSL-G624T

d-link 624t

Questo router wireless funziona alla perfezione su Ubuntu ed è installabile in qualche minuto.

Prima di tutto occorre collegare il modem all’alimentazione e al pc (con cavo ethernet o WiFi). Connettersi al modem (io lo faccio utilizzando Wicd, ottimo programma per la gestione delle reti).

Fatto ciò basta settare i parametri che il modem dovrà poi utilizzare per connettersi a internet: basta collegarsi al modem digitando nell’url l’indirizzo a cui è associato cioè In questo modo ci si collega al modem dopo aver inserito username e pass che di default sono entrambe admin.

Fatto ciò si può installare facilmente il modem attraverso l’installazione wizard oppure settando i parametri avanzati manualmente. E’ sufficiente inserire pass e nomeutente della nostra connessione a internet affinche il modem si colleghi cliccando semplicemente su connect. Se si desidera avere una connessione sempre attiva il modem effettuerà da solo la connessione ogni volta lo si attacchi all’alimentatore.

In pochi minuti è cosi possibile utilizzare questo stupendo modem 😉

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Hattrick Organizer on Gutsy

Posted by thio4linux on November 9, 2007

HO 1.397, new version for the 34th hattrick’s season

yesterday was upload on the HO site the new version compatible with the changes of the new season. Download from here.

Then unzip the file and put it wherever you want.

Look at the properties of the file in the new folder and  select executable.

Now you only have to start the new HO version from shell:

cd path/HO_1397 (subs path with the path where you have saved the folder)

have fun!!!

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my Desk on Gutsy

Posted by thio4linux on November 8, 2007

kdm: download from here:


ksplash: download from here:


and my desk:


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Conky on my Gutsy

Posted by thio4linux on November 2, 2007

…a light weight system monitor!!!

Conky is a system monitor that run on your desktop or on in a windows like every other program. Maybe you know karamba that is a very good app but conky is very light and easily configurable.

Download Conky from the repo: (sudo apt-get install Conky) or look at the procedure from the official site:

Then put the configuration file in your home:
sudo zcat /usr/share/doc/conky-1.4.0-r1/conkyrc.sample.gz ~/.conkyrc(subs 1.4.0-r1 with your version).

Now look at the variable page on this site:
and at the setting file here:

Now you can configure your Conky with the config file: kate ~/.conkyrc
I’ve found a problem with the desktop icons when conky referehses. If you have the same problem modify .conkyrc in this way:
own_window 1
own_window_type override
own_window_transparent 1

this my conky:


my conkyrc: .conky.odt
(dowload the file and rename it .conkyrc… then put it on your home and lauch conky)

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AWN on Gutsy

Posted by thio4linux on October 31, 2007

how i’ve installed AWN on my kubuntu gutsy

fisrt off all edit the sources list:

sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list

and add this lines:

deb gutsy freeverse

then you can install your AWN bar from synaptic (or adept) by installing this 3 packets:

sudo apt-get install awn-core-applets awn-manager avant-window-navigator 

then start your bar: avant-window-navigator 

if you have any problem, launch the dock from shell and look at the error. Probably it must be for some dependences so type: sudo apt-get install -f   for checkin the dependences unsatisfied or install the packets that you haven’t from synaptic…

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KDM and Splash Screen on Gutsy

Posted by thio4linux on October 28, 2007

How to personalize your KDE Desktop!

This is a tutorial to create your kdm and Splash Screen theme: you can find all that you have to modify or create.


First off all look at the kdmrc file: kate /etc/kdX/kdmrc (subs X with the version of kde), and make sure that in the [X-*-Greeter] section there’s the line UseTheme=true.

Now you can find the installed KDM theme here: /usr/share/apps/kdm/themes
Than look in the folder of the installed themes, where you can find a .xml file, which is the file with the configuration option of the kdm screen. You can modify there the color, dimension and position of fonts and images of your kdm.
Then take a look of the images and change them with your prefer ones.


KDE saves your downloaded ksplash screen in: /home/thio/.kde/share/apps/ksplash/Themes
There you can modify all that you want with your prefer images. You also find a .rc file that is the file of the configuration.

You can also download a lot of kdm & splash screen from the section of kde-look.

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Ubuntu HTML editor – QUANTA PLUS

Posted by thio4linux on October 23, 2007

I think this is the best html visual editor i’ve found in linux. Available in the official Repository:

sudo apt-get install to download it………

quanta view

The official site of the project is

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